We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need or what it costs? We can explain which services are right for you and tell you more about our fees. Contact us.


Whether you are looking to start a podcast, improve your existing podcast quality, or need us to handle your show from production to publishing, we can take care of you.
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Sound Design

Film, animation, radio plays, video games, and more… iCastAudio can bring your visual projects to life with richly animated sound effects and musical backdrops. We can also create professional quality program assets including bumpers, sweepers, and branding/IDs that you can drop into your live-stream or pre-recorded show.
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Original Music

When it comes to music, you have a few options. We can use stock music files, you can provide your own music, but for the best sound experience, we can compose unique, original theme music and background score to suit the sound and feel that’s best for your project.
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We offer audio production, podcasting, and project consulting remotely or on-location. Rates do vary depending on your location and time needs.
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Voice Talent

iCastAudio has a versatile network of voice talent. We can provide the voices and recording services you need for your next Ad, Book Narration, Radio Play, Animation, Video Game, and Production Assets. Contact us for more information.

Restoration & Transfers

We can salvage, repair, and improve audibility of existing recordings for archiving or production. We also offer transfer services for outdated audio and some film/video formats. Contact us for more information.