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This page is primarily a resource for the downloadable high quality (HQ) test files for podcasts 001-013. All GTN podcasts are now hosted by where you’ll find the latest episodes. To contact the GTN hosts, please use the contact link for iCastAudio.

In this podcast we introduce ourselves and discuss what the Guitar Tone Network Podcast is all about.

In this podcast we compare guitar cables of various types, thicknesses, shielding, marketing, prices, and we then ask the hard question–if there is a difference, do you want it? We also touch on what your cable choice could mean in a live or studio environment.

In this episode we compare three different and fairly common guitars with a variation on the “Single Coil” Pickup. We’ll have a brief history of single coils and single coil pickup construction. We also have a new segment called GTN Listener Feedback where we answer questions, take suggestions, and make corrections.

In this Podcast we compare and contrast the Fender American Standard Telecaster with a Nash T-63 Custom. We’ll have a brief history of the Telecaster, A Tele Shootout, and Listener Feedback.

TB or not TB, that is the question. In this podcast we focus on Analog (non-digital) Stomp Box type FX, both true bypass and non-true bypass. We’ll provide some history on true bypass and discuss the industry dogma. Then it’s on to the Stomp Box True Bypass Shootout where we compare how the signal is effected for each Stomp Box when they are turned off. And finally we have some Listener Feedback.

Here we go with our second cable shootout. Our first cable shootout was the most popular episode to date, however we neglected to include some of the more common cables. So, this time we got it covered. 🙂 We also have some Feedback and Corrections to share.

In this podcast we focus on Vintage vs. Modern Les Paul wiring designs. That’s right!! We’re gonna take a Gibson Les Paul and swap out the electronics. We’ll leave the pickups, switch, and jack the same, but will switch out the potentiometers and capacitors, and change the wiring “style”. We’ll also cover the Industry Dogma, Do that Shootout thing, and discuss what we found in the Post Mortem.

In podcast 008 we compare two “S” style guitars in the interest of illustrating how two very similar designs can sound different. This is a 101 type podcast and may not be for everyone but have a listen to the HQ samples and see how a Fender Stratocaster with Lollar Blaclface pickups and an Acme Guitar Works wiring harness compares to a Nash S-63 with Fralin pickups. This episode includes some Strat History, The inevitable Strat Shootout, Post Mortem discussion, and some Listener Feedback.

In this podcast we take a listen to a few different power cables and a couple of different power conditioners to see if and how they affect tone. The claim is that an expensive power cable will dramatically improve live sound. We’re just the guys to test that claim. 😀 We debut a new News segment in this episode. We’ll discuss Dirty vs. Clean Power, Industry Dogma, share personal power conditioning experience and the more recent history of clean power for guitar rigs. We’ve got a Shootout for you, and we’ll discuss our findings in the Post Mortem.

Podcast 010 is all about the V1 preamp tube’s magic. We’ll take a listen to a few different preamp tubes and of course shoot them out. We’ll swap out the V1 tubes in a Class A low wattage amp and see what happens. We’ve got some GTN News, Industry Dogma to discuss, The Shootout, and as always we’ll have Listener Feedback.

In podcast 011 we check out two very nice Gibson Les Pauls. One that is 100% stock, and the other has been customized to ‘Holy Smoke on the Water’ Levels. …And we’ll shoot them out, but this time we won’t reveal which one is which until the end of the Podcast. We also have GTN News, A new feature called ‘Stay Tuned’, The Shootout Post Mortem, and Listener Feedback.

In this podcast we’ll take a look at one approach to managing your volume. You guessed it, with attenuators. featuring the Rivieara Rock Crusher, the Dr Z Air Break, and the Aracom PRX-150-DAG … We’ve got GTN News, Industry Dogma to contemplate, The beloved Shootout, and we’ll sort through it all in the Post Mortem.

In this podcast we compare two Gibson guitar designs. A 1960 VOS Les Paul and a 1961 VOS “Warren Haynes” ES-335. Both guitars are 100% stock and have the same pickups; Burstbucker 1 at the Bridge and a Burstbucker 2 at the neck. Also in this podcast we have GTN News and Listener Feedback.

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